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Areas of Practice

  • Corporate Positioning

    Our firm has extensive experience developing and managing corporate positioning programs to shape an individual’s or institution’s image among its key constituencies. We partner with clients to develop strategies and initiatives based on thorough research, sound judgment and creative thinking. SVC serves as communications advisor to boards and senior management of some of the largest and best known public and private organizations worldwide, as well as small and mid-cap companies.

  • Transaction Communications

    SVC advises clients in the U.S. and abroad, together with their financial and legal advisors, on a wide range of equity and debt transactions, such as negotiated mergers and acquisitions, hostile offers and defenses, proxy contests, shareholder activism, LBOs, IPOs, and financial restructurings and bankruptcies. Our role typically encompasses strategic counsel and message development, media relations, crafting communications materials for all audiences (including investors, employees, customers, and partners), creating transaction websites and announcement advertising, developing and implementing social media strategies, and coordinating overall announcement logistics. Our advisory and support services do not end on announcement day. For example, in an M&A situation, we assist our clients throughout the integration process to communicate effectively to all critical constituencies so that they understand the transaction benefits and key milestones.

  • Litigation Support

    The firm, which has a number of former practicing attorneys on staff, works closely with clients and their legal advisors to develop communications strategies surrounding a wide range of legal matters, including criminal charges, securities and shareholder litigation, regulatory and antitrust matters, mass torts and other product liability claims, contract disputes, and employee complaints. We also support clients in complex intellectual property disputes, including patent, copyright and trade secret matters in state and federal courts, the International Trade Commission, the Patent and Trademark Office and overseas jurisdictions. Our approach involves developing a thorough understanding of the legal issues and litigation path, preparing communications materials and strategies for managing potential outcomes, educating key constituencies, and ensuring that the communications approach aligns with and supports the legal strategy.

  • Proxy & Governance Consulting

    SVC also provides a range of advisory services in the corporate governance and proxy communications arena. We bring a strong understanding of key corporate governance issues and how they are viewed by investors, and have experience engaging with proxy advisory groups and governance professionals at major institutions. Our expertise is not just limited to the proxy season – the firm’s professionals can provide counsel to corporate boards and senior executives on how best to listen to and communicate with shareholders throughout the year on issues that matter to them most in evaluating company, management and board performance.

  • Special Situations & Crisis Communications

    SVC provides candid, pragmatic counsel to boards, senior executives, and high-profile individuals on a wide range of crises and special situations, from cyberattacks, product recalls and industrial catastrophes, to emergency executive successions and major regulatory/litigation events. We understand the critical importance of speed, combined with sophisticated strategic thinking and robust, agile execution. Our role includes strategy development and ongoing counsel, messaging and preparation of multiple-audience communications, development and execution of social media strategies, media relations, investor relations, and on-site support.

  • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

    We have critical expertise in helping companies prepare for and communicate about a wide range of incidents, from state-sponsored cyberattacks to cyber extortion to point-of-sale hacks. Our team is distinguished by its breadth of experience and includes former cybersecurity lawyers, IT security engineers, government officials and private-sector senior executives. Protecting reputation is paramount, and we bring our full scope of capabilities to help companies across all major industries achieve that goal. Our communications services include everything from preparing for and responding to a live situation to post-incident recovery and litigation.


  • Media Relations

    An effective media relations strategy is crucial to shaping and managing perceptions of an organization, its management team and board of directors. The firm’s experienced professionals carefully assess each client’s specific situation and recommend an overall media strategy, including whether to be proactive or reactive. SVC’s deep relationships and credibility with senior editors and reporters at major broadcast, print, wire and online outlets, as well as with industry trade press and influential blogs, enable us to execute a chosen strategy effectively. Clients benefit from our ability to develop concise, clear messages, and to disseminate them across any medium, including through social media. The firm’s professionals often serve as on-the-record spokespersons, arrange interviews and editorial board meetings, and assist clients with media tours, op-ed development and placement, media training, and tracking and analysis.

  • Investor Relations

    SVC has extensive experience providing counsel and implementing investor relations programs for companies large and small. Our staff includes former investor relations officers, bankers, financial analysts, and other senior professionals with a deep understanding of financial markets and broad experience in all types of investor communications. We partner with senior management and investor relations executives to develop strategy and messaging on matters such as strategic initiatives, financial guidance, unexpected disclosures, capital allocation and other issues. We develop all necessary communications materials, including financial press releases, conference call scripts, investor and ratings agency presentations and road shows, and we also prepare executives for the questions they can expect from analysts, investors, and the financial media. Our confidential, highly targeted investor audits gauge current perceptions, establish the foundation for effective programs, and serve as a benchmarking tool. In addition, we can assist with shareholder targeting to enhance our clients’ ability to develop a shareholder base consistent with their long-term strategy and growth outlook.

  • Research and Market Intelligence

    In an increasingly data-driven world, market research and intelligence are critically important in shaping and measuring the impact of business decisions. SVC’s full suite of research capabilities informs our strategic advice – we use quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze market trends and gauge stakeholder perceptions in order to provide actionable insights and recommendations. Our offerings include perception studies and investor audits, tracking studies, competitive benchmarking, sentiment and vulnerabilities analyses, customer and employee surveys, opinion polling and much more.  SVC research enhances our clients’ understanding of the issues, trends and stakeholder opinions critical to driving successful business outcomes.